Wait, a brewery in Lower Bucks County?

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is a new local craft beer brewery located in Croydon, PA.  Yes, we do use Neshaminy Creek water in all our brews.

Get in touch:

Address: 909 Ray Ave., Croydon, PA 19021
Email: neshaminycreekbrewing (at) yahoo.com
Phone: (215) 458-7081
Facebook: www.facebook.com/neshaminycreekbrewing

Gift Shop/Tasting Room and Tour Hours:

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Wednesday 4 pm to 7 pm
Thursday 4 pm to 7 pm
Friday 12 noon to 7 pm
Saturday 12 noon to 7 pm
Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm

Our Team

Want to know more about the brewers at Neshaminy Creek?  Glad you asked!

Jeremy Myers – Head Brewer/Owner

Jeremy graduated from Penn State in 1998 with a degree in Telecommunications and after spending the better part of 10 years as a high school teacher and Technology Coordinator, Network/IT Manager, and print shop/record label manager decided to follow his love of beer to the next level. After homebrewing for a few years he came to the conclusion that there had to be some way to turn his passion for homebrewing into something of a career. In May of 2008 Jeremy started as an unpaid Intern at River Horse Brewing in Lambertville, NJ where he was later hired as a Brewer after attending The Siebel Institute in the fall of 2008. After nearly two years at River Horse he joined the staff at The Craft Beer Outlet in NE Philadelphia and, again, jumped back into learning as much about beer and brewing as possible. In March of 2010 he completed the BJCP certification exam and continues to regularly volunteer as a judge at local competitions and as a competition coordinator for his local homebrew club, Aleiens. Jeremy says, “I see beer as much as an art form as a science, but at the end of the day it’s simply four basic ingredients and how you use them that make all the difference.” His favorite beer styles are mainly German beers like Pilsners, Hefeweizens, Kölsch, and Weizenbocks, but he’d be a liar if he didn’t say that he can be a hop head from time to time or didn’t appreciate a well brewed Belgian Tripel or Golden Strong.

Rob Jahn – Sales/Owner

Rob’s love of good beer has grown with each new and interesting beer he gets his hands on. After graduating from Rowan University Rob felt compelled to do something other than what he went to school for. Home brewing was something he picked up after college and through some friends Rob and Jeremy connected and both realized they had a mutual love and interest in brewing on a larger scale and more importantly, for themselves and not someone else. Since that connection Rob has been soaking anything and everything about beer and brewing. He attended the Siebel Institute in the Spring of 2011, just in time to put all that knowledge and eagerness to good use at Neshaminy Creek. Rob currently manages sales and distribution needs in New Jersey.

Steve “The Animal” Capelli – Production Manager/Owner

A native of Langhorne and graduate of Neshaminy High School, Steve’s passion for craft beer has grown from his culinary background and naturally shifted to brewing. After training at Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco and working at Hog Island Oyster Company, Steve spent a year at The Ritz in Philadelphia working with Kevin Spraga and then headed back to San Francisco to run Hog Island Oyster Bar. After working 10 years in the culinary industry, Steve joined the team at Neshaminy Creek Brewing. “With cooking, you can at least try it that day or at least the next day, brewing on the other hand, you have to wait a much longer time in hopes everything went correctly during the process. You don’t get to add a pinch of hops or malt half way through the process if you don’t think it’s going to turn out correctly,” says Steve as he continues to homebrew and come up with new ideas for certain styles that may end up in a Neshaminy Creek keg or bottle in the near future.

Erik “Meat” Walp – Brewer/Lab Technician

With a degree from Penn State and background in Biology as a Research Assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Meat’s homebrewing lead him to Neshaminy Creek in the Spring of 2013, first as an Intern and later as the brewery’s first hired Brewer. Meat continues to volunteer outside the brewery as a BJCP judge and competition coordinator with his local club, Stony Creek Homebrewers, and regularly competes on the local and national level, having medalled in numerous competitions and advanced past regional rounds of the NHC. With his background in Biology, Meat has been fundamental in the start and development of laboratory work here at Neshaminy Creek Brewing.

Jason Ranck – Brew/Lab Technician

Jason took his passion for homebrewing to the next level by attending the American Craft Brewers Guild in the Spring of 2013. After Interning at Iron Hill Brewpub in Maple Shade, NJ as well as a laboratory Internship at Yards Brewing in Philadelphia, Jason came on board as a full-time Brewer at Neshaminy Creek Brewing in May of 2014. An active member of the MBAA, Jason continues to train to further his craft and avidly brews at home with a keen eye towards what could end up in the fermenters here at Neshaminy Creek in the future.

Jeff Meyers – Event Coordinator

Jeff’s experience as a talent buyer, promoter, and booking agent was a perfect fit for the insanity that comes along with the duties as a brewery Event Coordinator. Jeff handles the logistics and social media aspects of all Neshaminy Creek events, both big and small. Have an event you want us to pour at? Want to schedule a large tour of the brewery? Jeff is your huckleberry.

Josh Wilson – Sales/Central Pennsylvania

Josh, or Metal Guy as he’s known around these parts, handles sales and distribution opportunities in Central Pennsylvania, specifically in and around the Centre county area. Josh is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, and enjoys spreading the craft beer gospel wherever he can, and is quite possibly the world’s biggest Iron Maiden fan.

Pat Pie – Sales Manager/Eastern Pennsylvania

What can be said about the one and only Pat Pie that you probably didn’t already know? Easily the most outgoing, and recognizable figure at Neshaminy Creek Brewing, Pat has been at the forefront of our brand since the Winter of 2013. Pat overseas sales and marketing opportunities for Eastern Pennsylvania, and more specifically the counties in Southeast Pennsylvania. His energy and passion are instantly recognizable and undeniable, and Pat’s been vital to the growth and success of Neshaminy Creek by working closely with our SEPA wholesaler, Bella Vista.

Ty McCartney – Production Assistant

Ty came to Neshaminy Creek in the Winter of 2014 as a brewing Intern, and moved to a full-time Production Assistant in June of 2014. Ty recently completed his BJCP certification and looks to attend brewing school in the near future to further his brewing knowledge and training.

41 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jeremy,
    Mike formerly from CBO

    Nice to see what you have accomplished so far. I have been following you since your first post on FB. I read that you are getting ready to start spreading the word about NCBC, so i want to throw something at ya. Looking Forward to trying some of your Brews.


  2. Hi guys.
    I know you prob get a million things like this, but since I have not been able to find an e-mail address I figure why not post here. Are you guys hiring, at all? Or looking for an intern of some variety. Something? I be happy to pass or a resume or something for a shot

    1. we’ll be looking to hire in the coming months, but not until the brewery is able to stand on it own two feet. we will be looking to work with some brewing interns and that’s never a bad way to get your feet wet (literally) in a brewery.

      1. I’d be interested in an internship as well and would be happy to shoot over a copy of my CV sometime. I was accepted into this years Master Brewer Program @ UC Davis, I’m having trouble coming up with the funding unfortunately! I’m totally stoked that the NE Philly area can represent now! Go Neshaminy Creek Brewing!

      2. Would really be interested in a Brewing Internship with you all. You might remember me from the Washington Crossing Brewfest this year. I represented TRT. Please let me know the requirements and what I need to do. I’m EXTREMELY interested!

  3. I am very excited to here about a brewery being in Bucks County. Will this be open to the public? Will there be a brewpub or a tasting room? Where is the brewery located? Sorry about the twenty questions.I am really looking forward to a brewery so close to home.

  4. This is awesome to hear about. I’m originally from Bensalem and visit home quite often. A matter of fact I’ll be back in the area next month. I doubt you will have things ready for visitors by then but this is such exciting news coming from my former stomping grounds.

  5. Hey guys. I’m from Hulmeville, and I’m all about what you’re trying to do!!! I hope things work out for ya’!!! Gotta support my own. I tried to find a phone number to call you about something negative someone posted on FB can’t find a number on your site. Anyway, some negative jack ass wrote bad things about you guys on FB. The dude can’t even spell right, but I just thought you could know, so you can delete his comment, ok? Good luck with everything, and I’ll be supporting your products!!!
    Kerry Koehle

  6. when is your projected opening to the public date? i live down ceder ave, acroos 13, this will be great to have in the neighborhood. also, do you plan to have any gluten-free beers?

  7. Hi Jeremy,

    my name is Ray and your company is on Ray avenue. It’s some kind of Cosmic sign that you should hire me at your brewery.

    A Thank You,

  8. I am an older gentleman needing atleast part time work .Am local and have 30 yrs. experience working as mostly as an excellent utility man in the field of chemical production. Have worked with pumps, hoses ,haz-mat, forklifts, weights and measures, reactions…Excellent driving record to boot. If you possibly might need such a person please get in touch via e-mail. T.Y.

  9. I know this is early and prob annoying, but are you guys looking for a graphic designer/illustrator. I seriously want to design labels for beer. I brew beer too but don’t have a brewery!

  10. Jeremy,

    Great to see you you are very close to opening the brewery. I’m Jay, I met you in Wine, Hops and Barley around November of 2011. We had a great conversation about NCBC and beer in general. I am a fellow teacher that found a passion for the science and art of brewing and now can not get enough of it. I have taught Special Education: Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science) and Math for 12 years and now looking for a new adventure. I also have experience in business start up, having started and run my own education consulting business for the last 3 years. I would like to help you and NCBC grow while I learn more about brewing. Contact me for a resume, jdevlin213@gmail.com.
    Good luck and good brewing,


  11. Skip: We had a wonderful time at Neshaminy Brewery! Thank for for being such a gracious host to the gang of 12 yesterday! The IPA rocked (loved the Pilsner too!) and your space is really just wonderful. Was the first time I ever played foosball. Wishing you and your son every success in what is quite a special venture. See you soon – *Debbie

  12. Visited on Saturday 1/19. As a small leaf on the trauger tree myself, I was more than happy to make the trip. Jeremy, you dad was quite hospitable. I am very impressed with the quality of your beers. The Pilsner and IPA are fantastic! I have been drinking IPA’s from all over the country and I can’t believe the quality of your IPA. The Pilsner was outstanding too! Please don’t change the recipe. I used to think that my favorite IPA was from Cigar City, but you guys beat that hands down. Nice Job! I will be making trips from the jersey shore to get my growlers filled. Maybe someday you will get your product down here in the toms river area. Spirits unlimited has growler fill stations. Missed the Leon… but maybe you will get on one of their taps.

    Keep ut the awesome work!!!!!

    PS. bought some tshirts to help you out.

    Butchie Batchelor

  13. Hi, just found your County Line IPA at my local retailer in Red Bank, NJ… halfway thru the 22oz. bottle all I can say is WOW… that there’s a fine IPA. Mucho kudos, and I will be purchasing more ASAP and visiting soon. WELL DONE GENTLEMEN!

  14. Jeremy I will be in to see you and drink your beer this summer! Congratulations on how well your brewery has been doing! Great work!

  15. While reading an article about Philly beers, they mentioned Neshaminy. Well thats right across the river, never heard of one so close. I have been to Cape May Brewery, Lancaster, Tuckahoe,Manyunk, and tried some Fat Tire and Saranac from a South Jersey Wine/Beer store. But this Saturday, weather permitting in this heatwave, I hope to stop by for some tasting, and hopefully by now you have some singles for sale not just growlers. Either way looking forward to it, if not Saturday then soon. Had a similar career with a Telecom career for 12 yrs with MCI, then 7 years in Elementary education, and most recently as Corporate Trainers. From the beer list, I didnt’ see too many pale ales or similar smooth types, but you never know until you try. Godd luck with your business, and hope to see you soon.

  16. I was recently in State College and brought home a couple bottles of your County Line IPA. Unfortunately, they are both now gone! I hope you will make your way to Pittsburgh eventually. (I know we don’t get along well hockey wise, but good beer makes that all go away!) Otherwise I may be needing to make more trips to State College. Very good stuff!

  17. kerry,

    i don’t know what you want us to remove you from. we don’t maintain a mailing list. i think you commented on a thread on our website, and we don’t manage any mailing list on our wordpress site. did you subscribe to our page for updates? if so, you would have to manage your own subscriptions, i can’t manage that from our end.


  18. Fan mail: we had a great time at Hot Rods and Hops II. Some nice cars, good music and great beer! We really liked the NCBC beers and yes we are beer snobs. The guest beers were also impressive. We will be back, thanks.

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