THIS IS CROYDON FEST, our first ever SKA FESTIVAL here at NCBC is kicking off in just THREE DAYS, on SATURDAY, APRIL 28th!

Tickets are over halfway SOLD OUT for the event which kicks off at 3PM and features long-time ska greats SPRING HEELED JACK.

We had an opportunity to talk with Ronnie and Mike from SHJ recently about the show, beer, and much more.

Check out the interview below and GRAB YOUR TICKETS TODAY BY CLICKING HERE!

-To start, for those who may not know, could you introduce yourself, the other members of the band, and give a brief bio of Spring Heeled Jack?

Sure thing, I’m Ronnie Ragona ( vocals and guitar ) and I’m joined by Mike Pellegrino ( vocals and guitar). Rounding out the band we have Corky Evans (drums), Peet Golan (bass), Tom Quartuli (sax), Eric Bridson (trombone), and Nick Bacon (keys). SHJ is a Rock/Ska/Soul band from New Haven CT that has been playing in different forms since 1991. We toured all over (and with everyone), was a big part of the “3rd wave“ ska movement and released 3 albums: Static World View (moon records), Songs From Suburbia (Tommy Boy/ignition ), & Sound Salvation (self-released). We are currently striking up dance parties, melting faces and hearts worldwide.

-SHJ hasn’t played a PA area show in over four years! Has there been anything, in particular, keeping you all from performing live?

Ron: It really is a crime! We love Pa. Philly has been like a second home to us (I actually have family there, Go Birds!). The crowds always give us huge love and we give it right back.

Mike: We have had great shows in Philly and PA over the years, TLA and the Troc especially. Since we’re not touring full time like we used to there’s maybe six gigs we’ll do spread over through the year. When we get offered cool shows we take them. This brewery show coming up on the 28th looked like a lot of fun with our old pals the Pietasters so we jumped on it.

-What can fans of the band, assuming most of them haven’t seen you in a while, expect from your set here on April 28th for THIS IS CROYDON FEST?

Ron: Old songs, New songs, dancing, drinking, crooning, screaming, ripping guitar solos, thundering drums, Soulful horns. Prince’s ghost hanging out with James Brown. Just some general Tom Foolery and good times.

-SHJ self-released “Sound Salvation” in 2017, your first album in close to 20 years. Could you discuss briefly how getting back together to write these songs went, if there was a certain drive to self-release and if fans expect any other new songs coming soon?

Ron: Well it started off with our first “ reunion show” in 2010. We had been on hiatus for 10 years playing in other bands, so when we got started up, the itch came back to play live against SHJ. It took us a few years to decide to actually put out a new record. Mike and I were talking on the phone and sending demos back and forth until we finally had a handful of solid ideas we thought could work. So we brought them in and proceeded to craft them with the rest of the band to finish the “ trilogy “ ( this is our 3rd album). I know everybody says that their last album was the best, but I do really feel like it’s the best thing we’ve done. We definitely have gotten better as players and know what we want out of everything. Self-releasing was good for us because it gave us the freedom and the timeline we wanted. And also to put out the kind of album we wanted. It really came out Killer.

Mike: We still have songs from the sessions not released as well as a whole new batch we will be finishing up. We will probably release some of that stuff in the fall. ( maybe a song or 3 In the summer?)

-If you have had the pleasure of trying Neshaminy Creek beers before, what is your favorite? If you haven’t had the chance yet, what is your favorite beer style?

Ron: I have yet to taste these delicious beers you speak of. ALL beer is my favorite beer, But I guess since summer is almost upon us, I tend to get into some sour beers. Do you guys let people swim in the tank? Cause I’d be up for it!

Mike: Yeah, sign me up for that too. CHEERS!

Thanks to Mike and Ronnie for taking time to chat and to Andrew for connecting us! Check out a stream of their album “SOUND SALVATION” below and make sure to grab your TICKETS TODAY so that you don’t miss SPRING HEELED JACK this Saturday night!

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