THIS IS CROYDON FEST, our first ever SKA FESTIVAL at NESHAMINY CREEK kicks off in just under a month from today, on APRIL 28th! 

Leading up to the big gig, we wanted to chat with a few of the bands that will be performing, and this week we start off with headliners: THE PIETASTERS!

TICKETS ARE GOING FAST! So if you haven’t yet, grab YOUR ADVANCED TICKETS ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE! They are also available fee-free at the brewery in Croydon!

To start, for those who may not know, could you introduce yourself, the other members of the band, and give a brief bio of The Pietasters?

I’m Steve.  I sing and drive the van.  Rob (drums), Alan (sax), Jeremy (trombone), Eric (sax), Carlos (trumpet) have been driving around with me since the early 90s.  Dave (bass), Joe (guitar), and Dan (keys) have been with us for almost ten years.  Tom, our original guitar player, and Toby, (trumpet and guitar) now live in California (not together).  Tom was a founding member along with me and Todd (bass) RIP.  This bunch of friends has been playing music and traveling the world together since we were in school at VA Tech and looking for ways to get free beer and meet women.

The Pietasters played Neshaminy Creek’s One Year Anniversary party back in 2013, could you tell us how that came to be, and what your memories of that event were?

We met Jeremy Myers of Neshaminy Creek Brewing back in the 90s when he was a student at Penn State (State College, PA).  There was a legendary Ska Fest there that Jeremy had a part in organizing and we had some great shows at the Crowbar courtesy Jeremy’s good promo work.  We were excited to reconnect with Jeremy when we were asked to play the Neshaminy Creek Brewing anniversary party in 2013.  I had a very fun time and thankfully lots of cold beer flowed (it was quite warm out if I remember correctly).

Your one of a kind live performances have landed you support and backing-band slots for musical legends like Joe Strummer, James Brown, and many more. How do you think those experiences and interactions have impacted not only you and the band as musicians but as people and lovers of music?

Yes, what we lack in precision we make up for with passion!  We have been very fortunate to have shared the stage with and supported so many legendary acts.  The diversity of our sound (ska-rock-and-soul) can be traced to our love of these very different artists and their music.  One of the best parts of touring with these folks was finding out how genuine and generous they can be.  Everyone one of them, from Joe Strummer to James Brown, to Dicky Barrett, to Kevin Lymon to their crews and bands have been so kind and encouraging to us.

The band hasn’t released an original full-length studio album in over a decade now. Can fans attending THIS IS CROYDON FEST expect to hear some new tunes, and (without giving too much away) when can we expect a new album?

There are some new songs in our set.  Most folks want to hear the classics but time-willing, we will roll out some of the new cuts.  Currently, we’re demoing songs and trying to figure out the best way to release new songs.  Album, series of singles, video.  There are so many different ways to reach your audience these days.

If you have had the pleasure of trying Neshaminy Creek beers before, what is your favorite? If you haven’t had the chance yet, what is your favorite beer style?

I don’t remember which specific brews Neshaminy Creek was offering back in 2013 but I do remember enjoying their craft.  For onstage we like a crisp pilsner.  Stouts are a band favorite too but a bit too heavy for jumping around during the performance.  After the set some of the guys will indulge in the high ABV brews to their peril.  We’ll see what we get into next month.  I can almost taste it already…

Thanks to Steve for taking the time to chat!


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