With the 1st ever CROYDON IS BURNING: BBQ BATTLE coming up in just over a month, we wanted to introduce YOU to the amazing BBQ spots that will be competing here at NCBC on that day!

Week by week we have been chipping away at these fierce BBQ warriors, and today we introduce the “new kid on the block,” Bristol PA’s own: CHUCK’S BBQ!

Make sure to join us and CHUCK’S on APRIL 28th for a day full of amazing BBQ, beers, and great family fun! GRAB YOUR TICKETS ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE!

Chuck’s BBQ, a Texas-style eatery offering an array of sandwiches and BBQ, catering, sauces and ice cream, opened its doors on Wednesday, February 14th at their newly renovated location at 2 Pond Street in Bristol Borough.

Chuck’s BBQ is a take-out joint featuring down-home Texas-style barbecue using slow-and-low smoking techniques. Menu items include sandwiches, like a Hot Chicken, done Nashville style (seasoned up hot, breaded, deep fried and dipped a special cayenne sauce) and Pulled Pork and sides like Whiskey Pork & Beans, made with Bristol’s own, Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey, Fried Okra and Homemade Mac and Cheese. The eatery will also offer soup and homemade chili, as well as items for kids, including chicken tenders, hot dogs and grilled cheese. Cobblers served plain or a la mode, with seasonal fruit, will be a promising close to any meal. The company plans to serve soft-serve and hard-scooped ice cream and Italian Ice starting in the spring, from local favorite, Richman’s Ice Cream.

All of the BBQ joint’s savory offerings are cooked on Chuck’s custom-built 8-foot long Texas-style smoker that holds hundreds of pounds of meat. The smoker will be fired up every day, burning woods like hickory, cherry and apple—as well as mesquite and pecan–to cook the brisket, chicken, bone-in pork butt and ribs low and slow.

The restaurant will offer meals to-go and catering, with some seating options planned outside when the weather is warmer.

Chase Guernsey, owner & head chef, is a Texas-native who became passionate about cooking while in the U.S. Navy after high school, working in the Galley, onboard a nuclear-powered submarine, in Pearl Harbor, HI. His passion for food continued to grow, taking him to complete an apprenticeship in Japan and a job in Las Vegas at a fine-dining restaurant. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas and the Culinary Institute of America, in Napa Valley, California, the chef has studied Asian, Hawaiian, Southwest, Hungarian, German, French and BBQ styles. After he and his wife, Colleen, met they decided to come back to her home stomping grounds, where he worked in New Hope and Philadelphia before deciding to start his own venture. Joining Guernsey as Chef will be Lower Bucks’ own Chris Schmitt, a Restaurant School graduate with 25+ years of experience. He has worked in kitchens including The Lemont in Pittsburgh and The Churchville Inn.

Guernsey enjoys living locally in the area with his wife and two children—so much so that he is using as many local resources as possible to support small business. Along with Dad’s Hat and Richman’s, the BBQ joint plans on using other local resources, including wood for the smoker purchased from Joseph Kelly of Levittown, Bristol’s Noah’s Dove Farm for specially grown herbs and collard greens, as well as other local farms when produce is in-season for catered events.

Hints to what they have planned for the BBQ battle? While we can’t give away exactly what we have up our sleeves we are excited to be using locally-made Dad’s Hat Whiskey in a new way, in a new dish, that we haven’t offered yet.  We might punch up some of our staples that our customers have come back for again and again.

Does reading this blog have you salivating for some BBQ like we are?

Then make sure you grab your tickets TODAY BY CLICKING HERE or get them fee-free by visiting the NCBC Taproom in Croydon leading up to the event!

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