Craft Beer Spotlight: Boxer’s Cafe

Lake Raystown and the beautiful surrounding state parks and state forests are well known nationally for being mega tourist attractions. The town of Huntingdon, PA just a few miles off of the lake’s northernmost shores is mostly known just for that, being nestled close to the lake. Residents of Central Pennsylvania not native to Huntingdon or State College also know of the town from its history of being a railroad and manufacturing hub. It is also home to the private liberal arts school Juniata College. Those of us a little closer to the community know it for being home to one of the coolest and longest tenured craft and import beer bars in Pennsylvania, Boxer’s Cafe.

Boxer’s is an institution among the beer lovers of Centre and Huntingdon counties. Owners Tony and Paula Seguin opened their doors in May of 1990, and have been killing it (in the most low key of senses) ever since. Not ones to rant, rave, or toot their own horns, Boxer’s has never really ever had a social media presence or done advertising of any kind. You won’t find a more laid back group of individuals.

Today Boxer’s has a strong and varied list of craft and import beers that they rotate through ten taps. In the early days, it wasn’t always the pub that you could stroll into for a pint, however. In the first year plus, it was just a cafe. The liquor license sat in limbo while they patiently waited for their time. In the interim, they focused on quality food items largely made from scratch, often with local or PA originated ingredients. This is a philosophy that they follow to this very day. Commerical products are avoided whenever possible, and PA breweries such as Neshaminy Creek are a staple on the tap list.

This isn’t your standard rowdy, raucous sports bar laced with televisions. Instead, the focus is on great food, pints, and chatting with the person sitting next to you about local hiking trails, fishing, and kayak floats on the Juniata River. When you walk into the cafe you quickly realize that it’s at least a partial reflection of the owners themselves: Low key, warm, and welcoming. The walls and bar are lined with beer paraphernalia, and cans from another time. Trying to keep their footprint on the world small, most of the food containers, utensils, etc are either reusable or biodegradable. There are even solar panels on the roof helping to provide power to the establishment.

Boxer’s has supported Neshaminy Creek Brewing for two years and running. It is one of our favorite personal spots to enjoy a few pints after hours on the lake or time spent wandering the trails, and we thought it was the time that you all knew about it.

STOP BY BOXER’S TONIGHT (Oct 30th) for a TAP TAKEOVER, featuring:
-Blitzkrieg Hops (only tapping anywhere near here this year)
-Winter Wheat Wine
-Punkless Dunkel
-Highwater Hefeweizen
-Churchville Lager

It’s their first tap takeover ever in over 35 yrs of being in business. Glassware giveaway at the beginning.

Whether tonight or in the future, stop in, kick back and escape the world for a while with a few pints and dinner at Boxer’s.

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