Brewery collabs seem to be all the rage lately, and while we have done a few in the past, and have a few more we’re eager to announce, over the last 5+ years we’ve been mostly concerned with making as much of our own liquid more so than brewing with some of our friends. That’s something we’ve been looking to change, and as we hope to see the arrival of two new vessels for our existing brewhouse very shortly, we’re looking forward to being able to squeeze more of these collaborative brew days with our friends into our hectic brew lives as soon as time permits.

One such collab we just brewed was with Grimm Brothers out of Loveland, Colorado.

Last year at GABF we took home two medals for Lagers, our second for Churchville, our Vienna-style Lager, and our first for Croydon is Burning, our Bamberg-style smoked Lager. We were probably one of a just a handful of breweries at GABF that brought nothing but Lagers to the festival, and after winning two medals for some of those Lagers, a few people took notice. I mean, who the heck brings nothing but Lagers to GABF?

Neshaminy Creek does. So does Grimm Brothers.

Based out of Loveland, Colorado, Grimm Brothers opened in 2010 with a focus on European beer styles, and very quickly made a name for themselves cutting their teeth on German styles like Altbier, and Munich Dunkel. They’ve won four GABF medals for Little Red Cap, their German-style Altbier, and two for The Fearless Youth, their Munich-style Dunkel Lager. Add in another GABF medal for Snow Drop, their Kottbusser-style Ale (a style that even our German centric brewers were unfamiliar with), it’s clear to see that Grimm Brothers take a lot of pride in making well crafted American craft beer heavily influenced and inspired by our German counterparts.

Neshaminy Creek is no different, and after meeting Russell and company at GABF, it was pretty clear it would be a lot of fun brew a beer together.

Fast forward to GABF 2017, and again, both Grimm Brothers and Neshaminy Creek brought home medals, again for Croydon is Burning and Little Red Cap.

More importantly, this year we got to work together on a Keller Kölsch we’ve dubbed OPEN ROAD hopped with some new school German hops, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon. It was great working with Laura, Guy, Russell and company on this beer and it’s always fun learning how other brewers go from grain to glass and how each one of us make our different brewing systems and styles work for us.

Kölsch isn’t exactly the sexiest beer style out there, but in our opinion, it should be. This pale German ale showcases fruit-like esters characteristic of the yeast used to make it, and paired with the citrus aromas and flavor from Mandarina Bavaria and the white grape/wine aromas and flavor from the Huell Melon we’re really looking forward to trying this light bodied and hop forward ale!

We should have release information shortly for this beer, which will be the first time any Neshaminy Creek beer will be sold in Colorado. In the meantime we’re already working on some ideas to bring some of the fine folks from Grimm to Philadelphia for a brew day in 2018 and potentially some events for Philly Beer Week 2018. Stay tuned.

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