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Jan 26, 2011General

Where we’re at right now….

Rob and I spend a good amount of time out and about and run into people that either know about NCBC or are interested to know more about what we’re up to, so here’s a quick “where we’re at” update. Right now we’re in a somewhat self-and-government imposed holding pattern.  We submitted our application for a Brewery Notice to the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) the first week of November 2010 and our Collateral Bond […]

Jan 24, 2011Brews/Pilots

Brew Week Pilots

Probably going to brew the Weizenbock and Russian Imperial Smores Stout pilots this week.  FUN! […] More

Jan 20, 2011Brews/Pilots

Pilot Update

Alright, Kölsch is in the fermenter, Tripel and Pilsner are in cold conditioning, and the Oatmeal […] More

Jan 19, 2011Brews/Pilots

Thursday Brewday: German Kölsch

For our pilot this week we’re going to be brewing a German-styled Kölsch.  German styles […] More

Jan 19, 2011Uncategorized


We’ve finally gotten around to registering the domain and starting a website/blog.  Check […] More


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